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Dayco Products, LLC

Markforged X7 3D Printer provides significant savings on 3D printed parts; Using Onyx material compared to Aluminum gives a savings of 80%

Dayco’s Technical Center located in Springdale, Arkansas designs belt tensioners, hoses and pumps for vacuum generation systems.  Markforged X7 3D printer showed significant savings in cost comparison of 3D printed parts over a competitive printer.

LASCO Fittings, Inc.

SOLIDWORKS helps reduce design time; PDM helps track our projects; SOLIDWORKS Simulation helps evaluate prior to production

Lasco Fittings, Inc. specializes in the production and sale of injection molded fittings and is relied upon worldwide to provide quality parts.  SOLIDWORKS, PDM and SOLIDWORKS Simulation products provided solutions for their challenges in design time, configurations, and getting products to market faster.

What Our Customers are Saying


Since switching to SOLIDWORKS our ideas turn into parts and products MUCH faster! David Giles
We were slow to change from 2D to 3D but by using SolidWorks to calculate the center of gravity, he has saved $3000 in design time on that portion of the project alone.Dave McAllister
SOLIDWORKS has cut our design time by 80%, accelerated our time-to-market by 40%, and reduced the number of design errors by 20%.Samuel Adams
SOLIDWORKS differs from the competition with its commitment to listen to customers.  The users know how the product can improve and SOLIDWORKS consistently utilizes user input to improve the interface.Samuel Adams


Simulation helps evaluate the product prior to production which allows us to change the design, if necessary, to improve performance or meet customer needs.Samuel Adams


SOLIDWORKS PDM has worked out very well for us. We noticed a huge improvement in file management, specifically, in the ease of moving and renaming SOLIDWORKS files.  We no longer have to worry about broken links and references, and it is much easier for multiple designers to collaborate on one project at the same time. SOLIDWORKS functions best for us when integrated with PDM.  We were even able to improve some of our processes related to engineering changes and revisions.Quinton Stevenson
PDM has reduced the time spent searching for files or recreating designs/documents by 40%. PDM helps us track them and have a live view of where each project is during the design process.  PDM handles nearly all of our paperwork, and the best part is that it keeps a history.Samuel Adams



The amount of assistance and support that we have received from CIP both during the initial installs and subsequent service calls has been phenomenal.  They have worked very hard to help setup a system with both SOLIDWORKS and PDM to fit our needs as an engineering department, and this level of customization has been invaluable.Quinton Stevenson
SolidWorks has been my go to design tool for many years….I called a number of different SolidWorks resellers and settled on Concepts In Production in Mississippi. The reason I went with Concepts In Production was the personal service from the owner of the company calling to address my questions. Sure price is a concern when making a large software investment but service after the sale is very important to me. If you are looking for a reseller I recommend CIP.Dan Dubose
CIP has always been on top of any problem….our relationship is great!Jim Webb
With the support of our SOLIDWORKS reseller, WE LOVE SOLIDWORKS!Samuel Adams
CIP has been exceptional to work with.David Giles


My first putter grip, although amazing, did not conform to the USGA rules for equipment. Before I had my grip mold rebuilt, CIP made a prototype for me to submit. When the USGA approved the prototype I knew I could go ahead with the mold rebuild. This saved me thousands of dollars. Go to to see the finished product.Andrew Fox, Jr.