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Why You Choose CIP

Integrated Solutions

Integrated solutions are a key element to reduce time to market. All of CIP’s products are 100% integrated to give you the most productive environment possible. No IGES, or any means of translation, is necessary to meet your design and manufacturing requirements. We represent and use the latest hardware and software to fully integrate the manufacturing processes.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed to rapidly improve your manufacturing and design processes. We achieve this by a quantitative approach to data collection and actions based on evaluation data. Our consulting efforts insure quality products and reduce time to market, therefore increasing your profit margin.


Selecting the appropriate CAD system, based on individual unique requirements, is important to a successful implementation. We approach system selection with a non biased approach, being careful to consider your customer's requirements for electronic data exchange. This is most important to assure a reduction in time to market. We then provide implementation plans to assure success.


We use the latest in networking software to facilitate total shop floor communications from simple file transfer to complete machine monitoring of the whole manufacturing facility from one PC. We can get your older CNC machines into DNC with drip feed capabilities without having to add memory to the controller. PLC programming is also becoming possible with a PC and integrated into the shop floor.

Cutting Tools  High Speed Machining  Capacity Management Project Management

Cutting Tools 

Tooling in manufacturing is where the "rubber meets the road". Your cutting tools and holders can absolutely make or break your success in manufacturing. We understand specialized tooling needs from simple to complex designs. We have been involved in cutting tool design with some of the top tooling manufactures in the world. CIP knows the importance of proper cutter path and speeds to optimize any given process from standard to exotic materials.

  1. Custom tool design
  2. Optimizing tooling design or applications for longer more productive cutter life
  3. Optimizing proper tooling and cutter paths with respect to the highest possible metal removal rate for a given material and set up. This approach takes into consideration every factor in each individual set up. For example, Spindle size, fixturing, tool length and offset, are factors that play an important part in the optimization that sometimes get overlooked.

High Speed Machining 

Advances of machines and tooling have allowed more companies to get into the world of High Speed Machining. This is an area that can see great profits in manufacturing when implemented correctly. We can work with existing issues or help make you successful from the start. We understand the importance of issues like: spindle speed and type, capable tooling, coolant types and applications, data transfer speeds and how they affect the High Speed Machining process.

Capacity Management

Let our experience find better ways to manage your machine time. Everyone knows that if you have an expensive piece of CNC equipment sitting idle it is costing you money. Improvements in this area are sometimes all that a facility needs to get more profit out of their manufacturing process.

Project Management

CIP can take the headaches out of project management for you facility. Let our manufacturing and procurement experience help facilitate a successful project implementation from concept to production.

CAM / CNC Programming

Computer Aided Machining is an important part of the manufacturing process. CIP's extensive experience in actual manufacturing situations gives us the knowledge base for creative CAM development and implementation. We can apply this "real world" experience to the application because of our understanding of the cutting tools and processes needed in CNC manufacturing. Our CAM solutions include:

  1. CAM Implementation (one station to totally networked solutions)
  2. Post Processor Work (from development to "tweaking of existing posts")
  3. CNC Programming (Our experience of machine code language ranges from hand development of programs to expensive CAM applications. We understand this process in great detail)
  4. PLC Programming also available.

Custom API and Design Services

Do you regularly repeat time-consuming tasks?  Are you losing business due to incorrectly entered information?  Have an idea to make your job easier?  Stop using valuable time for mundane tasks and invest in a custom SolidWorks add-in or macro to eliminate operator error and automate the process for you.  We have all the tools required to produce a SolidWorks integrated program to assist with the necessities of your business.

We provide support to all areas of the industry automotive, aerospace, furniture, medical and consumer products. We utilize the most proficient design tools the industry has to offer to provide you cost effective and quick delivery.

Analysis & Simulation

If you need Finite Element Analysis, Kinematics Analysis or motion simulation, or even CFD simulation we can provide them. With the most proficient engineering tools the industry has to offer we can provide you cost effective and quick delivery.

Reverse Engineering

If you have physical parts or tools that need to be manufactured and you don’t have prints. We can reverse these items for you in record time.

Rapid Prototyping Services

You have decided that you need a rapid prototype to improve quality, reduce costs and reduce time to market. CIP can provide the prototyping technology to meet your requirements. Our customers have learned that, CIP can provide parts quicker and more cost competitive than most service bureaus. Contact us today and request a quotation for your RP needs.

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